We recognized a hole in the market where affordable, comprehensive e-commerce solutions simply are not available for small companies. While there are many low cost "do-it-yourself" applications, these solutions do not offer integrated back office reporting, logistical management, products search capabilities, catalogue configurability , and non-technical personnel site management capability.

We also recognize that many companies that are well positioned to offer e-business solutions to small and medium-sized businesses simply do not have the resources to deliver solutions at an affordable price. We specifically seek out successful companies that having natural fit presenting affordable e-commerce solutions in conjunction with a core product and service offerings:

  • Communications companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Web designer/development Co.
  • Consulting service
  • Independent professional service providers
By combining our existing e-business platform with streamlining, efficient development processes, we can offer high impact solutions that will be easily bear your company 40% to 60% percent mark-up for reseller partners or 20 % commission for referral partners.

We have invested heavily in developing a Project Management Portal to help our partners submit and manage projects. A team of top designers, top programmers, and online business professionals who know how to plan the right solution supports this smart infrastructure.

My promise to you,

Our systems are efficient, and will give you the control, support, and assurance you need to make this relationship into a profitable and satisfying one.

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