The Veizaga Cart is Shopping Cart Software, automated Warehouse, and 1-Click Inventory. It's Control Panel, Gateway, Reporting, Real-time Shipping and Credit Card Processing.

It's everything an eBusiness needs!

We provide Setup to your server or we can provide secure hosting services.

Unlimited Products

Have a huge inventory? No problem!

Unlimited Categories

Sell all kinds of products? No problem! Give your customers the option of browsing to their product of choice by navigating your categories, just like an index!

1. Unlimited sub-categories, sub-sub-categories, etc.
2. Dynamic Categories display; ie: Tell your website to automatically show your categories on the page dynamically, either via a drop-down menu, or as text on the screen. Sub-categories are automatically indented.

Unlimited Modifiers (product properties)

Add any number of Modifiers to a product, and only enter your products once! Red shirt, blue shirt, v-neck sweater, crew neck sweater..

* by Group
* Color
* Size
* Style
* Add your own
1. by Quantity; Automatically keeps track of how many items you have in stock (we have 23 red shirts in stock, and 12 medium blue ones).
2. by Image; Assign one or more images to any product. Picture of a red shirt, a small blue shirt, a large blue shirt, etc.
3. by Cost; Use different prices, such as a red shirt costs $12.00, but the large green shirt costs $14.00.
4. by Weight; Accurate real-time shipping can only be calculated correctly if your products have weight, right? ;)
5. by Barcode; Every product you have can use a barcode if you wish.
6. by SKU; Every product you sell can have a different SKU/Serial#.

100% International Support

In your Veizaga Cart Control Panel, set the software to display prices in ANY currency, such as the Dollar, Euro, Pound, Peso, Yen, Rupee, etc, and translate the presentation file to ANY language! Click, Edit, Done. Running your website in multiple languages opens the door to TRUE International eBusiness!

Built-in Newsletter
Our award winning Newsletter software is now built-in! Having a sale? Keep everyone on your mailing list informed

Built-in Search Engine
Our award winning Search Engine software is now built-in! Give your customers the added benefit of finding the product they want without having to navigate or browse your entire catalog!

Automated browse-mode thumbnails
When customers are browsing your catalog by category, why not show a little thumbnail image of the product for quick visual reference?

Unlimited images per product & Previewing

Individual modifiers can have their own image, and your customers can Preview that modified product on-the-fly. ie: Preview a red shirt, Preview a green shirt, Preview a LARGE green shirt, Preview the truck without fog lights, or Preview it WITH fog lights. This way, your customers can see EXACTLY what they're buying beforehand.

Multi-tiered Pricing
1. by Customer; This customer gets the hat for $10, that customer sees the price as $12. Wholesalers support is also included; Discount your entire inventory (one or more items)!
2. by Modifier; The red shirt is $20, but the blue shirt is $22.
3. Require a Login! Some websites are subscription only. Some websites require you to have an account first. Some websites want you to login first before you can actually buy anything. You can easily disable this feature as well, if you don't need it.
4. Full B2C and B2B support; Grant customers full access to your site, hiding prices until a user logs in first, or no site access at all without logging in. Excellent for wholesalers!

Dynamic BuyNow button

Show it, or not, and allow Modifier selections.
1. Modifier selection; All Modifiers, such as red, green, v-neck, lace, button-fly, etc will display next to your BuyNow button where your customer can either Preview that product first, or click the BuyNow button.
2. Back-order/Pre-order; Control whether or not the BuyNow button even shows up, based on your quantity in stock. If an item is out of stock, then you can allow or disallow purchase of that item.
3. MassOrder Mode; Now your customers can see all of the items in a group at once and order any number of them at a single click. This will show all of the possible combinations that an item may have with modifiers as well.
Freebie Item
Offer a freebie! ie: "Buy 1 get 1 free!" Or, "Buy 4 of these, and get the 5th free!" Or, "Buy 2 hats, get a shirt free!" See

Unlimited Coupons
Got Coupons? Issue one or more, and apply each to one or more products. Each Coupon you create can also have an expiration date set on it so that your customers cannot use it after a designated date, AND you can even set how many of an item are allowed in the purchase, ie: Do not let customers use Coupon xxx past July 3rd, and do not let them apply this coupon to more than 3 hats. Very flexible!

Unlimited "Related Items" and "Impulse Buy" products

Tempt your customers with any number of other products during Checkout. ie: If your customer is buying a truck online, why not tempt them to also buy a roll-bar and fog lights to go with it? You can also set whether or not these items are displayed as drop-down menu choices, or text with thumbnails. Up-selling and cross-selling; Very cool feature!

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