* Visa (CVV2 also supported!)
* MasterCard/Eurocard (CVC2 also supported!)
* Discover/Novus (CID also supported!)
* American Express (CID also supported!)
* Diners Club
* Carte Blanche
* Delta
* Switch
* Solo
* ATM & Direct Debit
* enRoute
* Add your own..!

Banking Gateways
This is what connects your bank merchant account to your website in real-time.

1. Verisign Payflow Pro
2. Verisign Payflow Link
3. Verisign FraudScreen
1. Address Verification Service (AVS); Validates the customer name, billing address, phone, email, credit card info, and much more. FraudScreen is based on industry-leading eFalcon fraud scoring technology from eHNC, considered the most powerful and intelligent fraud detection and risk management service available.
2. Profiling and Neural Network technology; Fraud perpetrators can be identified before they reach your website! This software actually learns and adapts to your visitors behavior.
4. Cybercash
5. Cybercash FraudPatrol
6. Authorize.net & AIM
7. PlanetPayment
8. E-Commerce Exchange (ECX)
9. SkipJack
11. Merchant Partners
12. SurePay
13. PayPal
14. LinkPoint
15. Cardservice International
16. PSiGate
17. YourPay
18. Concord EFSnet
19. eWAY
20. Paymentech/Orbital
21. Net1 (EFT Secure)
22. ECHO (Electronic Clearing House)
23. Qchex (eCheck Electronic Checks service)

Coming soon: ClearCommerce, SureFire Commerce, WorldPay, SecurePay, NPC VirtualPAY, iTransact, MoneyZap, Arvic Secure, IntelliPay, c2it..

Add your own..!

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