Your website Checkout page will actually communicate with the shippers' servers over the Internet, in real-time, to bring in accurate rates based on zip codes, geographical location, quantity, shipment size and weights, the works.. Unbelievable flexibility!

1. United Parcel Service (UPS)
  UPS Certified Ecommerce Solutions Provider. Real-time UPS shipping rates and tracking; No more guessing about how much to charge for shipping! With UPS OnLine∆ Tools Rates and Service Selection, your customers see real-time UPS rates at Checkout and get to choose which service and price best meet their needs. UPS OnLine∆ Tools uses cutting edge XML technology to deliver shipping rates lightning fast. All you need to do is register with UPS to use this free service. You can even use your Veizaga Cart Control Panel to do it! No hassle, no worries, no Checkout delays, just accurate UPS shipping costs that will make you and your customers happy. And once you've shipped their orders, they'll be able to track them on your website Gateway with UPS Tracking. That's a comprehensive shipping solution!
* Next Day Air∆
* Next Day Air Saver∆
* Next Day Air Early AM∆
* 2nd Day Air∆
* 2nd Day Air AM∆
* 3-day Select∆
* Ground∆
* Worldwide Express PlusSM
* Worldwide ExpressSM
* Worldwide ExpeditedSM
* Worldwide StandardSM
* Express Saver∆

2. United States Postal Service (USPS)
* Global Express Guaranteed
* Global Express Mail (EMS)
* Airmail Parcel Post
* Economy (Surface) Parcel Post
* Priority
* Express Shipping
* Media Mail
* Parcel Post
* Bound Printed Matter
* Library Mail

3. FedEx; FedEx can be setup right from within the Veizaga Cart Shipping Grid. Set your own rates by weight, quantity being purchased, or total dollar amount. Incredible flexibility!

4. Australia Post
* Standard
* Express
* Air
* Sea
* Economy

5. Canada Post
* Regular
* Expedited
* Xpresspost
* Priority Courier
* Expedited Evening
* Xpresspost Evening
* Expedited Saturday
* Xpresspost Saturday
* Surface Air
* Air US
* Xpresspost US
* Purolator US
* Puropak US
* Surface International
* Air International
* Purolator International
* Puropak International

6. Will-Call; Do customers pick-up their goods from you? Offer will-call service!

Digital Download; If you sell digital goods too, then this additional method of shipment is for you!

Location Disable; Have a Country/State/Province/etc you do NOT ship to? Disable it! Customers will not be allowed to have a product shipped there.

Coming Soon; Royal Mail, DHL, Airborne Express, Roadway Express (RPS), Reimer Express, Parcelforce Worldwide, RGW Express, TransAsia, TransAfrica.

Flat-rate Shipping

Have an item that you want to apply a flat rate too? How about discounted shipping? Features abound here, and can be mixed with real-time shipping too!

* by Order Cost; Free, or $xx shipping charge for orders over $xx.
* by Order Weight; Free, or $xx shipping charge for orders over xx Lbs/Kgs.
* by Order Quantity; Free, or $xx shipping charge for ordering xx or more of product xx.
* Percentage (%) of Total; Calculate shipping as a percentage; Percentage will be determined by how many items, total weight, or total cost of the order being placed.
* Absolute Total; Calculate shipping as an absolute amount; This fixed amount will be determined by how many items, total weight, or total cost of the order being placed.
* Custom; Build your own shipping grid! Create a custom service name, apply fixed or percentage costs to it.. It's that easy!
* Domestic & International Support; There are 5 service levels for each, just enter your own descriptions and amounts in the Custom Shipping Services Editor.

Free Shipping
Encourage your customers past the Checkout page. If you enable the Free Shipping option, then all Ground shipments will be free. Other real-time and/or flat-rate options are still available though, for your really anxious customers. :)

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