This is the internal Admin Console, that you can use to configure/manage your entire site.

I. Anytime, anywhere, secured access to your site
As long as you have access to the Internet, you have access to your Control Panel.
II. One Click Inventory
  The Inventory Control Center (ICC) is your one-screen, one-click product editor. Edit such things as:


2. Barcode; If your company uses bar code scanners and printers, then you will love this feature! Easily integrate your Veizaga Cart database with equipment such as Symbol, Metrologic, Opticon, Psion, Magtek, SOHO, Lexmark, Eltron, and others. As long as the software included with your scanner can integrate with a Microsoft-based database (such as Access or SQL Server), you're all set!
3. Item Location; Building#, Row, Shelf, Bin#, etc.
4. Manufacturer selections; Website displayed Manufacturer, and Actual Manufacturer. Also works for Vendor selection if you are a Value Added Reseller (VAR), or for "branding" your products.
5. Item/Product Name
6. Product Description; HTML tags OK!
7. Category selection; Select one or more categories to put a product into.
8. Thumbnail, and Large Image selections; Web-based file upload also supported.. FTP not needed.
1. Image Preview included! Automatically preview images before assigning them to products. Also shows what images are assigned to which products already.
9. Downloadable Item/File selection; Sell digital/soft goods too!
10. Weight; Lbs and Kgs are supported!
11. Package Dimensions; Length, Width, and Height fields. Not required.
12. Quantity In Stock (QIS); Editable, and also from Modifiers Editor. example: We have 3 red hats, and 4 blue hats in stock. The hat item itself, could be 1 inventory item, but with numerous Modifiers applied to it. Why enter the same item more than once? You can hide your QIS entirely if you wish.
13. Ship Time selection; "Ships in 24-48 Hours", or "Currently on Back-Order", or "Ready for Download", "Shipped", etc. Create your own, or hide it completely!
14. Allow Back-Order; Should we allow ordering of this product if its QIS reaches zero(0)?
15. Flat-rate Shipping charge; You can apply a totally separate shipping charge just for 1 product if you like.
16. Handling charge; You can apply a totally separate handling charge just for 1 product if you like.
17. Taxable Handling; Apply tax to the Handling charge?
18. Cost, and Retail Cost; Cost is what the customer will buy it for, but for marketing purposes you may want to also show a Retail Cost. (not required)
19. Taxable Item; Should tax apply to this product, or not?
20. Unit of Measurement; [Per] Item, Carton, Box, Pallet, Zip file, Case, Bottle, Oz, Quart, etc.
21. Sale Item & Discounting; Is the item on sale? If so, by what percent(%)?
22. Quantity Discount; Buy 4, get the 5th for free. Buy 1 get 1 free! etc.
23. Show It, Enable/Disable; Enter the products into your inventory/database, but show, or not show, the item on your website.
24. Related Items selection; Tempt your customers with one or more "Impulse Buy" products. Upselling!
25. Item selection; ie: "Get a free xxx when you buy this item".. etc.
26. Internal Notes; Make internal notes on the product. Only seen internally, not on your website.

III. Pages Editor

The Pages Editor is what your website template (see IV below) uses, when dynamically generating your website "pages". All page content, layout, colors, meta tags, images etc are all controlled from this Pages Editor. There is never a need for you to upload/download static html files via ftp again! Everything is controlled from your Control Panel.
1. Page Name; What's the name for this page? ie: About, Contact, History, etc. These page names (example: pg=products), are what the Veizaga Cart uses to generate pages and create menu items for display through your Template (see below).
2. META Author; Who is the creator/editor for this website page?
3. META Description; What is a good description of this page? ie: This is our "About Us" page, it tells company history, etc.
4. META Keywords; Besides Description, Keywords are good "Search Engine food". Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, AOL, MSN, InfoSeek, etc use this info to correctly index your website.
5. Page Colors; Select a color theme for your page text, hyperlinks, table colors, page background color, etc.
6. Page Title; This is the text that will show up in the title bar of the window.
7. Page Header; This text will show as a bold header on your page. Where, depends on your template.
8. Page Content; This is the text and images that will make up the majority of your web page.
9. Menu Item; If you would like to make the page you are creating a menu item on your template, then just type a title for the menu item and check whether or not you want this page to appear as a menu item in your main and/or footer menus, generated dynamically by your template.
10. Show in Search results; You can make it so that this new page you have created/edited shows, or does not show in search results.

IV. Mass Update Tool

View/Update the quantities and prices for every single item in your inventory from ONE screen. Even items with modifiers!

V. Orders Editor

Search by any number of fields for one or more orders, then click on the one you want from the following results screen, to access it. Now, from the Order Editor screen, update the order status, select the shipper and service used, enter/edit a tracking number, run a credit card, you name it. This Editor is easily accessible from many other Control Panel Editors, Reports, etc.

VI. Reports

Getting demographics and reporting are imperative to your eBusiness success. Cater your business around what your customers actually want!

1. Orders by Manufacturer; View all orders, sorted and page-able by Manufacturer. For instance, if you sell Microsoft products, this will show you all of the Microsoft products you have sold. If you brand your merchandise, this also is a handy feature.
2. Orders by Customer; View all orders placed by a given customer.
3. Today's Unfulfilled Orders; View all of the day's orders that have not yet been fulfilled or shipped.
4. Past Unfulfilled Orders; View all orders that have not yet been fulfilled older than today.
5. Orders by Coupon; View all orders placed by coupon(s) used.
6. Taxes Charged/Collected; See how much in taxes you have collected thus far. Most Tax Accountants will need this info. Shows year to date, and past year.
7. Shipping Charged/Collected; See exactly how much has been charged to customers for shipping, what was paid, etc. Shows year to date, and past year.
8. Top 10 Best Selling Products; Which products are selling the best?
9. Top 10 Worst Selling Products; Which products are not selling so well?
10. Most Popular Payment Types; Which payment types get used most often?
11. Products on Backorder; Show a list of all of the products still on order.
12. Products with Low Quantities; When your inventory starts to run low, this report will show you which products are running low, which will run out first, etc.
13. Show Invalid Orders; Show a list of all of the orders that did not clear for some reason or other, ie: Card/AVS declined, order was canceled, product returned, etc.
14. Many more on the way..!

VII. Shipping Editor
This is where you configure which Shippers/Carriers you support, custom shipping (by cost, by weight, by quantity), units of measure (lbs/in, kgs/cm), and your domestic and International shipping grid options.

VIII. Categories Editor
Gift Ideas, Software, Toys, name your own..!

IX. Modifiers Editor
Color, Size, Style, Format, Red, Green, Blue, etc.

X. Units Editor
Bottle, Box, Carton, Case, Gallon, Hour, Item, Oz, Pallet, etc.

XI. Manufacturer Editor
Who's products are you selling? You can "brand" products your own here as well.

XII. Credit Cards Editor
Which/what forms of payment do you accept? In this editor, you can use one of the many different credit cards and real-time payment processing options that are included, or, you can even add your own. International cards also accepted here!

XIII. Coupon Editor

Create coupons for customer incentives! See above.

XIV. Taxes Editor
By State, by Province, by Country, you name it. The Taxes Editor in the Control Panel allows you to collect, or not collect tax, based on location, AND set the rate (percent %) for each. Current rates and defaults are pre-filled for you. Postal Nexus, UK VAT tax, and worldwide tax calculation supported!

XV. Global Settings Editor
This is the biggest editor of them all. Control every facet of your site from this screen. What you support, and not support. All of your website color themes and other settings all come from this editor. See the support article to the right for more in-depth info on this screen.

XVI. User Manager
Edit users eAccounts, view account history, manage your customers here.

XVII. Permissions Manager
Control who, gets access to what.

XVIII. Pricing Charts Editor
Multi-tiered pricing! Assign different levels of pricing for different users/groups. You can even require them to login first!

XIX Newsletter Editor

Edit or delete existing emails (someone may want you to unsubscribe them manually), plus a single-screen interface for composing and sending out your newsletter. Text-only and HTML emails are both supported. Send your newsletter to literally thousands of people at once! Emails sent out can also provide a link at the bottom (if you enable this feature) allowing recipients to automatically unsubscribe themselves. A totally automated process!

XX. Batch Tools
Almost as cool as the Mass Update Tool, the Batch Tools eliminate hours of repetitive data-entry work!

1. Assign Modifiers; Assign some/all of your products to modifiers all at once. Update thousands of products with one click!
2. Assign Categories; Assign some/all of your products to categories all at once. Update thousands of products with one click!
3. Assign Related Items; Also known as "impulse buy" items, assign one or many related items to products all at once.
4. Assign Manufacturers; Just imported your old inventory and forgot the Manufacturer field? No problem!
5. Assign Ship Times; Select one or more ship times for your products all from one screen too!
6. Assign Units; Units can all be assigned in a batch too! Each, Carton, Pallet, Item, Disk, Box, etc.
7. Batch Descriptions; Assign a description to any batch of products

XXI. EDI Tool (import existing inventory)

Have an existing inventory or database of products you want to import to the Veizaga Cart database? Now it's automated! Use this included EDI Wizard to save you hours of data entry!

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