1. User Session Enabled; Javascript not required! If your visitor gets bumped offline, or accidentally closes their browser while they still have items in their cart, the code has already assigned a customer number to them, and the next time that visitor comes to your site, it will pre-fill their cart, so that they can pick up where they left off!

2. Session-loss Trapping; No more empty carts! Customers' cart contents are:

* Encrypted for privacy
* Passed via session
* Passed via cookies
* Passed via hidden form elements
* Passed via querystring parameters
* Guaranteed security using additional HTTP ServerVariables and geographical data to make SURE your shoppers are secure, never lose what's in their cart, or get their cart confused with another. Now that's fail-safe!

Full SSL Security
With an SSL Key installed, your Veizaga Cart can take full advantage of SSL encryption. No more hacked credit card numbers!

Database Security

Secure your customers data via a password protected database, NTFS/Active Directory Permissions, segregated database server via NetBEUI protocol, and Admin level access rights. Contact our Support team for additional tips.

Automatic inventory indexing and sorting
Customers can browse your products by Manufacturer, Sale Items, Item name, or Price, Ascending or Descending!

Simplified Checkout
Why bother your customers with lengthy Checkout procedures?

1. Pre-filled Customer Info; If your customer is returning, then the cart will automatically fill out all their Billing & Shipping info for them!
2. vCard Enabled; If the customers web browser has their personal info and/or Microsoft Wallet info entered, then your Checkout page will use this info to pre-fill all the fields!
3. DHTML Enabled; If the customers Shipping Info will be the same as their Billing Info, then a box can be checked, and when it is, the Shipping Info section will completely disappear from the screen. Less fields on Checkout result in site "stickiness" and customer retention.
4. Expanded Alt Text; Easy to read Help buttons/effects walk your customers right thru your Checkout page. No more abandoned carts!
5. Automatic weight detection; If the cart sees that you are only buying downloadable or printable (digital) goods, then your customers will never be presented with any Shipping info. The shorter your Checkout page is, the better!
6. User-defined fields; Add your own custom fields to Checkout, Gift Card message fields, special notes, etc. You can create your own field labels, set a maxlength and field type, you name it!

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